California Product Label Design

Tucson Custom LabelsWhether you a are a new start-up company, a big corporation or somewhere in the middle, Southwest Label can help you with all of your California Product Label Design needs. We will help your company decide what materials are best suited for your label, your products, and your budget.

Who is Southwest Label?

We have been in the label design industry for over 15 years and have created many custom labels you have probably seen on a daily basis. We have designed and created labels for many companies in Arizona and California. We have printed labels for a variety of California companies, such as vitamins and minerals, food and drink, consumer products, specialty and ornamental and warning labels.

California Custom Label Printing
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Southwest Label is a great fit for any business of any size. We love to cater to all businesses, and we make sure that you are satisfied with our end product. Your companies’ brand is very important. It is your biggest marketing tool and the center of all your designs. Your label is your brand, it is your personal billboard, your calling card, it is YOU! Your label is used to draw attention to your brand and your products. It is important that your label looks great and also provides the necessary information to your potential and returning customers. Why have a boring, run-of-the-mill label when you can have an amazing custom Product Label Design that really stands out. Choosing the right company to turn your design into custom labels for your product is a very important choice. At Southwest label, we are dedicated to helping you make sure you have the perfect California Product Label Design that you were looking for. We will also help you choose the materials that best fit your design, your product line and your budget.


The Process for Your California Product Label Design

First step in the label design process is the shape of the label. We can mirror your logo or change it up a bit for the label. Do you want a basic shape, like a circle or a square? Maybe you envision something a little more abstract. We can help your vision come to life and make your brand stand out against the competition.

Scottsdale Label DesignNow we choose the colors. Here you can stick with your brand colors or mix it up depending on the type of product the label will be on. Maybe your new product would look best in black and white, muted color scheme, or bright and funky to grab the attention of the buyer. Depending on your product type we can help you narrow down the best color choice. For example, homemade soaps would likely not be best with a neon pink and green label. For this product, you may want to choose more subtle tones and colors. Whereas your new bubble gum flavor would look great in the neon color pallet.

Next, we need the label to actually stay on your product. We have multiple adhesives to choose from to best suit whatever the product type may be. No matter how great the label design is, it only looks great if it is actually stuck to your product, no label looks awesome on the floor. Last is the finish of your label. The final touch in making it just right. Matte (no shine), High-Gloss and many other options in between.


Our Products

We use a wide variety of products and have exactly what your company needs and exactly what you are looking for.

High-Quality Papers:

  • -EDP
  • -Matte Litho
  • -Semi-Gloss
  • -Hi-Gloss
  • -Thermal Transfer
  • -Direct Thermal
  • -Fluorescents
  • -Tags and Many Others


  • -Polyesters (silver, gold, white or clear)
  • -Mylar
  • -Polypropylene
  • -Polyethylene
  • -Kimdura
  • -Vinyl and More
Marinade Label


(Our inks are environmentally friendly, and we pride ourselves on using these safer methods. We can produce any colors in the Pantone Matching System)

  • -Standard Water-Based
  • -Fade-resistant
  • -Automotive pigments
  • -Metallics
  • -Fluorescents


  • -Standard water-based varnishes
  • -Hip-slip varnishes
  • -UV varnishes (matte finish, high-gloss, thermal transfer printable, direct thermal printable, solvent resistant)


  • Polypropylenes
  • Heavy Printable Clear Polyesters


  • Long-Lasting Outdoor Permanents
  • -Removable
  • -Food-Grade
  • -Cosmetics
  • -Food and Beverage
  • -Electronics
  • -Automotive and More

Contact Us

Southwest label would love to work with you on your California Product Label Design or any of your other label needs. Give us a call today and we will help guide you through what materials are best suited for your product, your business, and your budget. Use our contact form or call us at 480-972-0274.