Arizona Custom Labels Layout Design

If you cannot provide us with your label art, we will be happy to create the graphics for your labels needs. This section is meant to provide information on how you or your artists can best prepare your graphics for us in order to eliminate or minimize costly mistakes and remakes.  Our intent is to give you the specifications you need to optimize your graphics and assure the best possible results for the finished printed labels. This list is not all-inclusive, so if you have questions not answered here, call us.

In-house Prepress Department

We utilized the latest in prepress graphics and flexographic digital platemaking equipment allowing us to take your Arizona Custom Labels design and create our own printing plates in house and in less than an hour saving you money and a being able to produce your label quicker.


Accepted Software

We can use either Mac or PC files created with these programs: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and Quark Express. Our preference would be to create your design in illustrator, convert all text to outlines, and then create a .PDF file to supply to us. Please do not use crop marks provided by the program, but instead create a die line to show position and add 1/8″ bleed to art. If you have questions about how we use these files, feel free to contact us, but please understand we can provide neither technical support nor creative direction for any of them.

Sending Your Files to Us- You can send your files to us either on disk, by email, or by uploading the files directly to our server in our online Services Center on this website. ON DISK– We accept only CDs or DVDs. Our street and mailing address is:

Southwest Label & Printing, Inc.

1706 West 4th Street

Tempe, AZ 85281

BY EMAIL — Please use Stuffit, ZipIt, or WinZip, or any compatible program to compress all files and include them in one archive file.  Attach the archive file to the email, describe the contents in the Subject line, and provide any necessary instructions in the email message. Send the email 

UPLOAD TO OUR SERVICES CENTER– Please use Stuffit, ZipIt, or WinZip, or any compatible program to compress all files and include them in one archive file. Click the my compter box to select files from your computer or simply drag and drop files on the center page.

What to Send

  1. Layout file(s) and all support files (such as TIFF, EPS, and all original files) must be provided. This includes logos, blends, or other artwork and any fonts used in these files, along with all required linking files. If fonts are not converted to outline form, then font files will also need to be included.
  2. All hi-resolution full-color images must be converted to CMYK with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI at final size. Please do not use images in RGB mode, as colors change when converted to CMYK. You must do this conversion yourself so you can see and approve the converted colors.
  3. Supply a digital color approved proof when ordering.

Please mail or deliver to us a color printout from your files so we have a reference to go by when we output your job. It helps us to know how you want everything to look in the final result. Also include a die outline on new custom die-cut jobs.

Pantone Colors/Process Colors

Specify Pantone colors, either instead of or in addition to process colors. Be sure the “Process” box is NOT selected for any PMS colors and note the numbers of the PMS colors in the color pallet. Use CMYK “process” colors, NOT RGB when constructing files in process colors. You have the option of printing 4 process colors and 2 spot colors or a combination of Pantone colors and Process colors up to 6 colors. If more colors are needed an second pass through the press is available at additional costs.


Colors, photos, and graphics extending to the trim must extend at least 1/8″ past the trim.


We will handle trapping.

Physical Artwork

Yes, we can still handle artwork, illustrations, and photographic prints and transparencies. Additional costs for digitizing and/or negatives may be incurred for this.

Press Guidelines and Specifications

Up to six colors may be run at one time. This means you can run full-color process plus an extra spot color or two, or a UV varnish, all at the same time. Maximum print area is 9½” by 27″ for finished art. We cannot take any screens to zero percent. Art will need to be adjusted to a minimum of 2% to account for any such situations. Tints, blends, and/or gradients must have a minimum of 2% color fill. Do not use any type size smaller than 3 point, especially reverses.


Additional Assistance Again, if you have questions about any of our procedures or requirements, please call us so we may discuss them with you. We are here to assist you with all of your label needs. We do label layout design in Tempe, AZ.

Phone: 480-927-0274

Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday, and often on Saturdays.