Southwest Label and Printing has been making the best in labels for the last

San Diego Label Printer
Battery Waste Label

15 years. Are you looking for a San Diego Label Printer? Look no further. Our team of experts will create a label that represents your brand as well as your mission.

With a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, no two labels are created equal. No matter your vision, we will bring it to life for you.

Have food, cleaning product or cosmetic that needs a label? Send us your logo and let us work your magic. Don’t have a graphic already made? Don’t worry. We can help with that too. Our team is prepared to help you create a graphic that fits your company and branding.

You’re proud of your product, we are going to create a label for you to be proud of too.

Why Choose Southwest Label and Printing

What makes us different? We are a small feel company. When you choose us as your San Diego Label Printeryou know you are getting personal care and attention. Your labels are important to you just like your business is. Let us show you we are the printer that can handle all your needs and projects big and small.

We have equipment that can handle any size San Diego label project. We have the ability of running up to eight colors and UV varnish at once. That gives each customer the ability to pick whatever design they want and make their label unique to them.

We can re-create any color you would find on the Pantone Color Scale. Do you know how many colors that really is? Any color you can imagine, we can print it on your San Diego label.

Not only can we print many colors on many styles of material, we can also create an array of sizes. Our largest labels are 13″x 27″. That’s over two feet! Even your largest projects will have a label that fits.

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Olive Label

Are you looking for a specific cut? We can help with that too. You have the ability to chose from either one of our pre-made die cuts. Or, you can come in with your own cut. Either way, we will turn it into the label you’ve always imagined.

With a combination of colors and cuts, you can rest assured your label will be completely custom. In San Diego, there’s a lot of different labels. When you trust Southwest Label and Printing, we will create a label that makes your unique product stand out on a shelf of generic products and labels.

Create your dream label that fits your budget

Looking for a new label but are worried about your cost? Don’t be. When you request a label quote from us in San Diego, we will give you an accurate number. Not only that, but we can make cost effective suggestions and offer professional opinions.

You can easily request a quote from our website with what you’re looking for or what purpose your label will be used. We are a trusted printer and are happy to create something spectacular. We know we can come to an agreement and create a label that fits your budget.

Reach out for the perfect San Diego Label Printer

Look no further for the perfect San Diego Label Printer. With out wide range of skills and capabilities, you will be pleased with the end product. Reach out to a representative today or call us at 480-927-0274. We are excited to create the perfect label for your perfect product.