Tucson Label Printer

Are you a local business looking for a Tucson Label Printer? If so, look no further, you found us! We are Southwest label, the premier label printer in and around the Tucson area. We have been proudly serving our customers since 2002 and we would love to talk to you about your label needs and become partners for the future.

Who We Are

We are a full-service Tucson Label Printer and can help with any and all of your product label needs. Whether you are a huge corporation or a new startup company we can handle your order of single color or even a custom order with a multitude of colors. Southwest Label can make anything from outdoor permanent to removable, food and beverage to cosmetics, electronics to automotive and everything in between.

At Southwest Label we pride ourselves on only using materials made right here in the USA and helping to support our local economies. Especially with the current ways of the world with the COVID-19 and all of the closures and shutdowns across the world, supporting other local businesses is more important than ever.

We use a wide variety of products to help fit any size budget. We offer many choices of papers, films, colors, adhesives, and inks.  We can match any color on the Pantone color scale so no matter what color you dream up for your label, we can print it.

New Mexico Product Label DesignA label does not have to simply be a square or rectangle. We can make any shape you can imagine helping make your label really stand out from the rest. Our design team would love to talk to you about your ideas and get you a quote together and then make your label a reality.

Economic Growth

Over the last couple of years, the Tucson areas has been growing and with economic growth (last year there was nearly a 3% increase in GDP) comes more people and more businesses. More people means more opportunity for you to grow your business as well. Making sure that your products label “pops” off of the shelves and makes the customer want to try your product is one of the many ways we can help you. We have a graphic design team that can help get the idea that is in your head down on paper and turn it into the amazing product label you have been dreaming about.

Being a Tucson Label Printer and being in business for over 18 years we have experienced and learned what’s important.  We will not treat you as just a customer number or an order to fill. Our customers are our business partners and the connections we have made over the years have made us the company that we are today. We know that our work will speak for itself. Quality labels at an affordable price and making lasting relationships with our clients has been the formula for our success so far in our company’s 18 years. Your success leads to our success and we want to be successful together.

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If you are still not certain if we are the right fit for your business or your product you can take a look at some of our samples HERE. We have a wide variety of custom labels to showcase our abilities. You can also feel free to request a quote HERE and one of our knowledgeable associates will get with you and give you a quote and decide how together we can get your labels out there on your products and on those shelves.

Ready to get Started

If you are ready to get started, then we would love to hear from you today. We can discuss your design needs and help you find a plan and label that fits your needs and your budget. You can call us HERE or fill out our contact form HERE. We want to be your Tucson Label Printer and help take your products and business to the next level.