As a business, your products are very important and it is important to find Phoenix Custom Labels that reflect what you offer. At Southwest Label & Printing, you are not dealing with a large corporation that just wants to get your project in and out. We love getting to know all of our clients, and help pay attention to details and create their perfect labels. We want you to continue to come back and become part of our custom label family. Whether you are located in Phoenix, Arizona, or the United States, we cannot wait to assist you with any of your needs.

Our team at Southwest Label and Printing, in Phoenix, want to help you stand out from all of the competition. Let us help you give your products the best first impression no matter where your product is sold.

How To Design Your Own Phoenix Custom Labels?

Whether you have you have a design in mind or need inspiration, we can help you with every step of the process.

  1. Phoenix Custom LabelsColor is one of the most important details of your labels. Color is what will attract your consumers to your product. It is important to find a printing company who can accommodate even the most vivid colors. We are able to offer any color that can be matched within the Pantone Matching System, foil stamping, metallics, fluorescents, and many more. All of the inks that we use are environmentally friendly. We can offer water-based,
  2. Another very important part of your labels are size. Having the right size label for your product is essential. You do not want to smother your product, by having a labels that are too large; however, you do not want to have a label that is too small and can be missed.
  3. Selecting the proper material for your labels is major part of the process. We are able to print on many types of papers like Mylars, Matte Litho, Semi- Gloss, Hi-Gloss, Thermal Transfer, Direct Transfer,  Tag, Fluorescents, films, and more to be able to give your labels the most attractive look.
  4. Even though all of the above are extremely significant, the design and printing of your logo is the main part of the creation of your custom labels. If you do not have a finished graphic, we are happy to assist you in creating the perfect look. Making sure you have a clear yet colorful labels are very important in education your potential clients, as well as drawing them in.  Here, you can gather the specifications needed to get the best results for your final piece with quick turnaround times.

Our goal is to take the stress out of creating your Phoenix Custom Labels. We want you to be able to put your trust in us to create the most alluring labels.

Why Choose Southwest for Your Phoenix Custom Labels?

It is important to choose a label printing company that make you feel as important as the products that you make. Let your Phoenix label and printing company create you the perfect labels, so that everyone else can see that too. We want your products to catch the eye of every consumer that passes. We never want to sacrifice the quality of your label.  We can create most any type of label that you could dream of, with almost any color that you can think of. If you have your design in mind, you can submit a copy for us to create.

To make sure that none of our work suffers, we use only the best materials for all of our labels. All of our materials are from United States manufactured companies to guarantee quality and help boost our economy. Not only do we use the most superior products, we have the best equipment that is able to handle any small to large sized job and print up to 8 colors and UV varnish all in one go!

Our specialists have been creating custom labels for many types of applications including:

  • Consumer Products
  • Food and Drink Products
  • Warning Labels
  • Vitamin and Mineral Labels
  • Specialty and Custom Labels

Contact Southwest Label and Printing Today!

Do not work with another large corporation, who will make you just another number. We know that it is difficult to find someone that you trust. Finish your search for a label printing company, with Southwest Label and Printing. We are ready to help you with even the most difficult jobs.  Contact us at 480-927-0274 for any questions or advice, our representatives cannot wait to work with you. Get your perfect products on the shelves today!