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Part of creating the perfect label is not just the label design, it is finding the perfect container, for your Phoenix Custom Label Printing . Each container could be different heights, widths, materials, colors, or even shapes. It is important to know how each individual container may need a completely separate label to bring out the colors, cost,  artwork, or even the application. It is our job at Southwest Label and Printing to be able to provide you with the collaboration to get it right!

 Phoenix Custom Label Printing for Your Bottles

It is obvious that more unique containers can catch the eye of you potential customer; however, the more unique your container is the more unique your label may need to be.

Round Bottles 

Round bottles may be one of the easiest styles of bottle to attach your label to, since the label can be wrapped completely around. You can overlap your label or even leave a gap between edges. However, the hardest part of laying your label is that it has to be put on only flat edges. This means that the label must end before the shoulders of the bottle begin. This can be particularly difficult when you are wrapping your label on bottles that have ridges, which means a smaller area for your label.

There are many ways to measure the width of your bottle:

  1. You can take a measuring tape and wrap it around the circumference.
  2. If a measuring tape is unavailable, you can measure the bottom of your bottle (side to side). With that distance, you will multiply by pi (3.14). This will give you the width and circumference for your custom label printing.
  3. Another way to measure, the bottle is to take a piece of paper or string and wrap it around the bottle. You can either make the paper or string with a pin or a cut. Then with a ruler, you will measure the the distance from the end of the paper/string to the mark you just made.

You can follow steps 1 or two to be able to measure the height of your bottle. However, for the height, you will measure from shoulder to shoulder. In the slight chance that you have a bottle with ridges, you will measure the flat area from ridge to ridge.

Square Bottles

This shape is a great way to stand out, since it is not as common. For this shape you can have your label wrap around, or you can have a panel on the front and back of your container. Business usually put the company name, logo, and product name on the front. Then on the back label, you can find the nutrition facts, ingredients, and barcode.

How to measure the height of square bottles for label printing:

  1. For a wrap around label, you can use method number one and three from measuring round bottles.
  2. If you want to measure only one side of the square bottles, you can use a rule to measure the flat area where the label will be placed. This can be done for the height, as well.

Tapered Bottles

Phoenix Custom Label Printing

This bottle style is known for starting wide and getting thinner. The easiest way to determine if a bottled is Tapered or not is to set your bottle next to a flat item and see if there is a gap at the top or at the bottom.

These bottles can be much more difficult to determine the size with its complexity. For these types of bottles, we can get a smooth label by cutting the label with a curve, use a smaller label, or use shrink sleeve labels for a better fit.

Oddly Shaped Bottles

These types of bottles have curves, bumps, corners, or any other odd angles. With this type of bottle, it is important to remember that the shape is what is going to capture the eye of your potential client, the size might distract from it. With odd shaped bottles, it may be difficult to apply a label to the bottle without the curves causing the label to pull away. If there are no flat edges, you can use the label tips as explained with tapered bottles.

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