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Labels are used for a variety of reasons. While the standard distribution of information comes to mind, there is really more to it than that. Printing a label will show what your brand is about and make people more likely to pick it up. There’s many labels on the shelf, how do you make yours stand out?

At Southwest Label we pride ourselves in printing labels that will make your product and information stand out amongst the competition while still getting the important information across. We are ready to use our years of experience to help you with printing the label that will make your product stand would while still getting the important information across.

Helping your Phoenix Custom Label Stand Out

What can you do to make your label informative but still stand out? There are many factors to consider before printing your custom label. What colors do you want to use? Are you an eco-friendly brand? Use Earth tones on your custom label. Are you a candy brand? Usually bright and happy colors will draw the right attention.

Below, we’ve listed the steps that you should take when printing your custom labels in Phoenix. Each step is important in making sure your design stands out. Our team is committed to helping you create the best product label that you can be proud of for years to come.

Creating you custom with design

Phoenix Custom Label Printing
Peanut Butter Label

Start by thinking of your custom label shape. What shape best represents your brand? If it’s a rectangle that’s okay. If its something else that’s okay too. Make your custom label really stand out by printing on a unique shape.

Once you have a shape picked out, it’s time to move onto colors to fill that shape. There’s no need to go over the top and white space can even make more impact when printing your custom label. Be sure to consider exactly what target audience you want your product to reach and how to best capture their attention before printing your custom label.

Fonts are just as important as colors when it comes to printing. Chose fonts for your label that are easy to read and dynamic so they really catch the consumers eye when searching for a product.

Making sure it sticks

Adhesive is just as important as the label design when it comes to Phoenix Custom Label Printing, but it is also a step a lot of people don’t really think about. However, adhesive is one of the most important parts of the label printing process. If there’s no adhesive, the label will not stick to your Phoenix product. We have several different options for you to consider. Don’t worry, our team of label experts are ready to help you make the correct choice before printing your label. We have something ready for every product. Our label adhesives work well and include: long-lasting outdoor permanents, removables, food grade, cosmetics, food and beverage, electronics, automotive and several others

Finishing up the Phoenix Custom Label Printing process

Once you have designed your label, picked your fonts and design it’s time toPhoenix Custom Label Printing begin thinking about what your label will be printed on. Do you think your label should be printed on a glossy or matte material? No matter what you are imaging, we will help create it. We use standard water-based varnishes and UV varnishes. These can create a high gloss, matte, thermal transfer printable, hi-slip varnishes, direct thermal printable and even solvent resistant finishes

If you want to laminate your custom label, we make that happen. We can over-laminate almost any product with various material from polypropylenes to heavy printable clear polyesters.

Once it’s time for your custom label printing, let our team take over and create the perfect custom label, no matter what product you are selling. You can rest assured, our labels can stand the test of time.

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