New Mexico Product LabelsAre you looking for new New Mexico Product Label Design? At Southwest Label we are ready to help create the perfect label for your product, no matter what it is. Our team of experts has been working on product label design for 15 year, and those years of expertise will work in your favor.

Labels are used for a variety of reasons. These reasons include but aren’t limited conveying information, drawing in a customer and giving yourself a brand. Showing information to a consumer doesn’t have to be boring, no matter what the product may be. Here at Southwest Label we are dedicated to creating a label for your product that will get your brand across and look great while still providing consumers with necessary information that they need.

Through a variety of steps like picking what your product label will look like with borders, shapes, fonts and colors, you will have a New Mexico Product Label Design that will leave your customers stunned and bring in new customers for a long time to come. Why stick with a boring label when you can create a custom product label design that shows off your brand and product? Let us help you make a label you can be proud of.

Creating you custom Label Design

New Mexico Product Label DesignWhen the time comes that you decide you need a custom label design, thinking about what you want first is crucial so we can turn your vision into a reality. First, think of you label shape. Do you want your label to be a basic square or do you want something a little different? Any shape you can dream up can likely become a pretty interesting label design.

After you have a shape that really defines your brand, it’s time to come up with colors and fonts that do the same. Do you want muted natural colors for an Earthy product or bright happy colors for a sugary product? Any color that is on the Pantone Color Scale, we are able to match. Chose any font you like to compliment your colors and then you instantly have a custom label design that will make your product stand out.

Making sure it sticks

Adhesive is just as important as the label design. A label isn’t worth it if it won’t actually stick to your product. No matter the product, it’s likely we have and adhesive for you. Long term application is important and we have adhesives such as long-lasting outdoor permanents, removables, food grade, cosmetics, food and beverage, electronics, automotive and several others

Finishing up the custom label design process

Once you have your product label all personalized and the correct adhesive New Mexico Product Label Designthat will stick to your product, it’s time to pick the finishes and materials in which your label will be created out of. Thinking back to your brand and product, are you looking for something glossy or something matte? No matter what your brain thinks of we will create it. We use standard water-based varnishes and UV varnishes. These can create a matte finish, high gloss, thermal transfer printable, direct thermal printable, solvent resistant and even hi-slip varnishes. Thinking of laminated your label? We can do that too. We can over-laminate almost any product with various material from polypropylenes to heavy printable clear polyesters. Not sure which finish you are looking for? Read more about each option:

Matte Finish-Matt is the opposite of glossy, or just with a dryer finish. Matte finishes don’t have any shine. This can be a good option if you are looking for something like a natural look to your label.

High-Gloss -High-Gloss is the opposite of matte. High-gloss will come with a shiny finish that will make your design label appear glossy.

Thermal Transfer – Just as it’s name says, thermal transfer is the act of transferring something from one medium to another with the use of temperature. In this instance, it uses a heated ribbon to put images on whatever material you need it to.

Direct Thermal – A direct thermal label is created with special stock that darkens in response to heat. This form uses a chemically treated media causing this reaction. This uses no ink, toner or ribbon. Although it sounds similar to thermal transfer because it uses heat as well, the difference lies in whether a ribbon needs to be used. These options are more cost effective New Mexico Product Labelbut may not last as long.

Solvent resistant – Solvent resistant is going to be very resistant to harsh chemicals that may be found in industrial style places. This style will be great if you are a business to business company selling products to industrial companies.

UV Varnish –  UV Varnish is applied using a machine that applies the varnish with ultraviolet light. This will come out as a glossy coating giving your custom label in New Mexico a shine.

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