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Ways to make your Phoenix Custom Wine Bottle Labels stand out


Appearance is the first way to make your wine bottle labels stand out. A few things to look at include color, typeface and graphics.

a. Color

What color best represents your wine bottle brand? Are you dark and sophisticated? Maybe a matte black will best convey that. Are you a blush rosé perfect for a 20 something? A blush pink label may be the way to reach that audience.

At Southwest Label and Printing we can recreate any color on the Pantone Color scale, and can use them to best convey the message you want to get across on your wine bottle labels.

b. Typeface

Typeface, or font style, is another important design characteristic that will make your bottle labels stand out. The font you decide to use can change the whole feel of your product. Big bold letters may convey a bold flavor whereas thin cursive letters can be conveyed as more formal and traditional.

c. Graphics, or lack thereof

Sometimes when creating labels, less is more. On a wine bottle, instead of overloading with graphics, you may want to take a minimalistic approach. Remembering your audience, someone buying wine bottles may be looking for something with an older touch. Using white space to make your text more dynamic is a great way to do this.

Phoenix Custom Wine Bottle Labels2.Materials

We provide quality materials for you to chose from. Each can give a different look to your bottle labels in Phoenix.

Below is our list of materials for bottle labels including papers, films, inks, varnish, laminates and adhesives, that will make the perfect wine bottle labels.

a. Papers- We have several papers for your Phoenix Custom Wine Bottle Labels including EDP, Matte Litho, Semi-Gloss, Hi-Gloss, Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal, Fluorescents, Tag and more

b. Films- We have no limit to film options. Some options include Polyesters in silver, gold, white, or clear, Mylars, Polypropylenes,
Polyethylenes, Kimdura, Vinyl and more.

c. Inks- We pride ourselves on using environmentally safe inks. We can run standard water-based inks as well as fade-resistant, automotive pigments, metallics and fluorescents, perfect for your custom wine bottle labels.

d. Varnish- We use standard water-based varnishes, or various UV varnishes, such as matte finish, high-gloss finish, thermal transfer printable, direct thermal printable, solventresistant and hi-slip varnishes for your labels.

e. Laminates- We can over-laminate almost any product with various materials, from polypropylenes to heavy printable clear polyesters.

f. Adhesives- Most wine bottle labels can be produced with a large variety of adhesives to suit any application, such as long-lasting outdoor permanents, removables, food grade, cosmetics, food and beverage, electronics, automotive, and many others.


You want high quality labels, customers can tell when cheap wine has a cheap labels. Let us help you create wine bottle labels that are high quality and represent your wine brand well.

Phoenix Custom Wine Bottle Labels
Beer Label

Our list of all the products above are all created with high quality, so you can rest assured you are getting a high quality product when you create bottle labels with Southwest Label and Printing.

We take pride in our company and let our customers know they aren’t just dealing with another big company. Each of our clients are like family and we want to treat you with the best treatment. Our goal is to provide a superior product and price for you so we can keep you as a customer while you also keep your customers coming back.

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