Do you have a product that needs a label in Scottsdale? Let us help you come

Scottsdale Label Design
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up with the perfect Scottsdale Label Design. Labels are what separate your unique product from the other products on the shelf, online or in a warehouse.

Southwest Label has 15 years of experience working on label design so when you work with us, you know you are getting high quality products. We take pride in our company and are sure to show every client the same amount of love and attention that we give our own company.

When a consumer looks at a product how do they know what it is? First, they will probably read the label and notice the design. If a label doesn’t have a clear design, it will take a consumer away from the product. That’s why at Southwest Label, we create high quality labels that will stand out on the shelves, no matter what type of product your company makes.

Three ways to make your Scottsdale Label Design stand out

There are many ways that can make your Scottsdale label stand out amongst other competing products. An interesting label design is important and easy to achieve if done right. At Southwest Label and Printing we are here to help you make the perfect Scottsdale Label Design to accompany your perfect product.

1.Add seasonal elements

Scottsdale Label DesignSeasons are a great time to make your label more creative with a great design. Adding a design element to the label that goes along with the seasons can make that version of your product seem exclusive, even if it’s the same product. A label designed pink or Valentine’s day or a Silver label for New Year’s Eve makes your product more special than the standard product on the shelf.

At Southwest Label and Printing we have a wide array of colors and products available for labels to make these unique looks and design really pop. From papers to adhesives, our full list of materials will create a perfect label design. For colors, we can match any color on the Pantone Color scale, so colors won’t be an issue when you decide to work with us to create the perfect label.

For example, if you have a drink company, turn your logo design pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Although not a season, more customers will be drawn to your product because of its themed label design.

2.Add unique shapes

Labels are typically square or rectangular design, wrapping around the product. Who says that labels have to stay that traditional shape? Your product is unique and your label should display that. A unique label shape is a great way to instantly draw consumer eyes.

Think of a burst shape for example, that will stand out amongst all the

Scottsdale Label Design
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rectangular labels lining the shelves. A consumer is more likely to be drawn to the shaped label just because it’s a creative and full of design and it’s different than all the other label designs. Your label can wrap all the way around a bottle or stay just on the front. You can also do a separate back label from the front label, all are options for creative label design. We hope to keep our clients for a long time, so we make sure you get high quality products for a low price.

3.Keep your product in mind

When designing a label, it’s important to actually consider your product. If you’re selling a cleaning, it needs to have an design identifier as to not get mixed up with something that could be harmful to pets or children. While your label should be unique from other competition, it

Colors and font can play a roll in this as well. Colors and text styles say a lot about a product design. Is it for a child? Bright colors and fun fonts will draw them in. More serious products like wine require a more serious label design. For a product like a drink, a clear label may add an interesting affect so the consumer can see how much liquid they actually have. Drinks, food and cleaning supplies all have different purposes, and a label should define that.

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