Are you in search of the perfect company to help you create your Tucson Custom Labelsdream Tucson Custom Labels? Look no further. Southwest Label and Printing is ready to put our 15 years worth of knowledge to the test and create custom labels in Tucson for your product that separates you from the pack.

Your company is unique, and you put a lot of hard work into creating the perfect product. We can relate and want to work hard to make custom labels that represent that. We put hard work into our labels just like you put hard work into creating your product.

No matter what your product is, we are ready to make a label that shows off what it can do. Food, drinks or even cleaning supplies, your label is just as important no matter the product. Let Southwest Label and Printing make labels you can be proud of.

Creating Tucson Custom Labels you can be Proud of 

Creating custom labels in Tucson starts with what product you are trying to sell. We’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind when creating custom labels for three major categories: food and drink, cleaning supplies and pet products.

Food and Drink

Food and drink Tucson Custom Labels are amongst some of the most important because every single day, customers are consuming food and drinks. Right now more than ever, creating a label that properly describes your product can be very important. We can help you make sure your label reflects your companies values and quality of the product. Using colors and fonts that reflect the quality of your product will keep consumers coming back.

In addition to this, less can be more when creating custom labels for food in Tucson. Dynamic text with a lot of white space can make the text mean even more to the customer. If you don’t already have a logo made up, we can help you with that. If you do have one, we have everything you need to know about uploading those graphics on our website.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products need different care and attention for custom labels than food and drink labels do. Warning labels, ingredients and what the product actually does all needs to be on the custom label in a clear and distinct manner. We will help you create labels that stays both stylish and has all the important information on. This will keep your customer coming back for more because they can trust you.

Pet Products

Now more than ever, people are treating their pets like theirTucson Custom Labels child and want to make sure they are feeding them the very best when it comes to dry food, wet food and treats. Making a custom label that conveys that is important to a pet parent and matters more than some realize. Stressing the ingredients in your product on the labels will make them more likely to pick it up. It’s no longer just about  flashy labels when it comes to health and feeding animals. Pet parents are looking for something they can feed their pets and not worry about what’s in it. Custom labels are the first way to convey this.

Even if your product didn’t make this custom labels list, you can rest assured we will take care of you when it comes to creating the perfect custom labels for your company in Tucson. Our team is skilled and ready to take on any custom labels challenges that comes our way. We have a variety of resources we use to make ensure you are getting high quality products for your custom labels in Tucson. Products include: papers, films, inks, varnishes, laminates and adhesives. Read more about each of those items below and how they can help make your labels even more custom.

Materials to Create Custom Labels

Papers: We have a wide variety of paper including EDP, Matte Litho, Semi-Tucson Custom LabelsGloss, Hi-Gloss, Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal, Fluorescents, Tag and more

Films: We offer a wide variety of films including Polyesters in silver, gold, white or clear, Mylars, Polypropylenes, Polyethylenes, Kimdura, Vinyl and more

Inks: We pride ourselves on using environmentally safe inks on our custom labels. We can produce any colors in the Pantone Matching System and can run standard water-based inks as well as fade-resistant, automotive pigments, metallics and fluorescents.

Varnishes: We use standard water-based varnishes, various UV varnishes, matte finish, high-gloss finish, thermal transfer printable, direct thermal printable, solventresistant and hi-slip varnishes. This is a great way to take your custom labels up a notch

Laminates: We can laminate anything for you from polypropylenes to heavy printable clear polyesters.

Adhesives: We are able to create variety of adhesives to suit any application for labels, such as long-lasting outdoor permanents, removables, food grade, cosmetics, food and beverage, electronics, automotive and many others.

Contact Southwest Label and Printing for your Tucson Custom Labels

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